Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buying My Bike For Touring

In April I was hit by a car at a red light and my bike was written off. So, I had to get a new bike. I had bought a 2009 Honda in October, and I considered just buying it again. Then I realized I was doing it again.

The Honda was not the bike for the trips that I was planning on doing, but I started to think about my work, rather than my desire. So, I started a search for a dual purpose touring bike again. I knew from my research last fall that there are several to choose from, but the BMW was a favoured bike.

For me though the cost of the BMW was too great, so I went for my second choice which was a Suzuki Vstrom. Unfortunately this is a difficult bike to find used. I spent several months looking with no success, and started to consider Yamahas or Hondas. Then I found a Suzuki at Calgary Motorsports.

It is a 2002 DL 1000, a bit larger than I wanted, I was looking for the 650, but at this point I would take either. The Vstrom has a very good reputation amongst long distance riders and parts are relatively easy to get no matter where you are in the world.

I had to wait for the bike as they do an inspection and decided to replace the chain and sprockets, and I finally picked it up on Friday.

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