Sunday, June 27, 2010

The First Mini Tour On The New Motorcycle

I picked the bike up on Friday and set out on my first ride on Saturday. I had no idea where I was going I figured I would just head west and see where it took me.

I honestly can't tell you how I got where I went. No idea of what roads I was on. I just made the decision that if I had to turn it would be North or West. Well that worked for a good hour, then I had to either back track (which I hate doing) or turn South. Well I went South, which led me to Highway 1A, which then allowed me to follow my North and West rule.

I soon came to the Forestry Trunk Road and decided to take it. For the first part of the trip I was on pavement, then rough pavement, and soon it was gravel. I was back to a decision of turning around or stay on it.
Well, I do hate turning around :)

Most of the ride was at 60 km an hour, but I did see some incredible country.

I finally turned off of the trunk road and headed towards Sundre. By this time I was hungry and questioning how long the bike would go with the fuel indicator flashing.

I did get fuel in Sundre but not food. I wanted a sit down restuarant and all I saw was fast food. I left Sundre and headed towards Cochrane, where I still didn't get food, but I did discover that if you follow a rule of staying off main highways, it takes over an hour to get to the city, but there is some incredible scenery within minutes of the city.

My little afternoon ride took me over 8 hours to do, close to 550 km, resulted in a sore bum, but the knowledge that the VStrom can handle some really crappy roads. And a smile on my face, wow I missed my bike.

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